Introduction to SQL: 5.Advanced Data Filtering

Learn how to combine WHERE clauses to create sophisticated search conditions. Also learn how to use the NOT and IN operators.

Introduction to SQL: 6.Using Wildcard Filtering

Learn what wildcards are, how they are used, and how to perform wildcard searches using the LIKE operator for sophisticated filtering.

Introduction to SQL: 1.Understanding SQL

Learn what SQL is and review some basic database terminology.

Introduction to SQL: 2.Retrieving Data

Learn how to use the SELECT statement to retrieve one or more columns of data from a table. Code commenting and returning distinct values are introduced too.

Introduction to SQL: 3.Sorting Retrieved Data

Learn how to use the SELECT statement’s ORDER BY clause to sort retrieved data as needed.

Introduction to SQL: 4. Filtering Data

Learn how to use the SELECT statement’s WHERE clause to specify search conditions.