Tidy Data with tidyr

tidy dataset allows R’s vectorized nature to shine. Most built-in R functions work with vectors of values. That makes transforming tidy data feel particularly natural.

Data Import with readr

Importing data is an essential step in data modelling. This post discusses about readr package and ways to use functions from it to import data quickly and reproducibly. Writing data to a file is also mentioned.


Tibbles are tweaked data frames but it works better than the old data.frame. The tibble package will be discussed at here.

Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)

Learn how to use various plots to unearth the hidden pattern of data during Exploratory Data Analysis.

Clustering: k-means, k-means ++ and gganimate

Explain and visualize how kmeans and kmeans++ work.

gganimate: Animations with ggplot2

How to create animated plots from ggplot2?

Cross Validation Function for Classifier

Self-define a cross validation function for classifier using R.

Data Visualization with ggplot2

K Nearest Neighbour Classsifier (self-written function)

Create a KNN classifier using R from scratch.

Linear Regression Simulation Study

Basic theories, simulation and visualizations of Multiple Linear Regression.